Karaoke with God

May 2-4, 2014 we covered the Salute to Supernatural Convention in Washington, DC. On day one, they were collecting slips of paper with your name and a song title and dropping it in a box. A couple hundred attendees entered their names, including myself. That night they held their traditional karaoke party. Stars from the series took their turn on the mic and every so often a name would be pulled from the box. We were about to head back to our hotel when we noticed the words “SuperKerri” written on the giant screen. I had been summoned.

Before I could wrap my head around what was happening, I was assisted on to the stage by cast members and handed a microphone. From there, I rapped with “Chuck/God” himself, Rob Benedict, in front of about 1,000 people. I’m glad the “Winchesters” hadn’t arrived yet, or I probably would have died right there on the stage.

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