Welcome to Rotter Fodder!


This drawing was done by our daughter many years ago. It conveys a small child weeping, alone and ignored. Her parents (us) engrossed in a PS2 game called Downhill Domination. The mother in the image (me) is depicted as sitting on her rather sizeable ass, grinning and thinking “We love T.V.” I tucked the drawing away, lest the child show it to the school counselor. It exemplifies life in our ‘Bubble’, the place we call home. The big, black box has owned us all of our lives. As children of the 7os and 80s, the love of pop culture courses through our veins. And like most from Gen-X through the Millennials, we love to hear ourselves prattle on. Which leads us to…

Rotter Fodder! Ramblings for the Mindless Masses!

Rotter Fodder is a work in progress.  We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience as we begin building this podcast, as well as revamping Walker Bait Productions as a whole.

What can you expect?

The goal here is to expand upon our ‘conversation’. Walker Bait Productions will continue to house a written blog with television and film reviews, promotions, and soap box rantings. Whereas Rotter Fodder will be a collection of audio and video podcasts of, well, anything and everything!